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Tours Around Belarus

You are offered fascinating one day group tours around historical places of Belarus. You will be able to get acquainted with the history of ancient cities and towns, their former greatness and glory ,to touch their secrets. The museums will help you learn more about the life of our distant ancestors and about the cultural heritage which they have left for us.
The cost of tours includes: comfortable bus transportation and an excursion carried out by a qualified guide.

1. «At the Source of the Place of Minsk»
During the tour you will get acquainted with ancient burial mounds on the territory of contemporary Minsk and with the site of ancient settlement upon the river Menka from which the history of our city started.You will also visit the Menka Museum of Belarussian Traditional Architecture and Way of life in the open air./ 5 hours /.
2. «Minsk,the capital of Belarus»
During this sightseeing tour you will get acquainted with the Hero City of Minsk,its celebrities,architecture,history and culture.You will visit the University and the Red Catholic Church on the Independence Square.You will also go along the mail street of the city Independence Avenue,you have a stroll round the oldest historical Upper Town and Troyitsky Suburb.Finally you will see some modern districts of Minsk./ 3 hours /.
3. «The Traces of History»
You will get to know the olden time events which took place in almost 1000 year old ancient Minsk.You will explore the oldest streets of the city:Nemiga Street,Trade Street,have a walk on Svoboda Square,the centre of the centre of the 16 th-19 th century Upper Town.
You will admire the remained Baroque and Classicism architectural monuments.The excursion also includes visiting the mail sacred places of Christianity in Minsk – Mariinsky Catholic Cathedral and Holy Spirit Orthodox Cathedral.
/ 3 hours /.
4. «Ancient Town of Zaslavl»
It is a tour round historical and cultural reserve of the town of Zaslavl which is 25 km away from Minsk.You will also visit the ancient castle site with the Spass Transfiguration Orthodox Church,the Zamecheck site of ancient settlement,the local museum and the ethnographic tourist Complex Mlyn / 6 hours /.
5. «The Architectural Monuments of the towns of Mir and Nesvizh»
You will get to know the history and architecture of the medieval castle in the small town of Mir and the Palace and Park Tourist Complex in Nesvizh,one of the oldest towns of Belarus. / 8 hours /
6. «To the land of Blue lakes /towns of Mosar and Braslav»
You will go to Belarussian lake District is the North of the country.Going down the highway you will pass by the towns of Pleshchenitsy ,Begoml,Dokhshytsy.The lake District is the unique nature corner where the town of Braslav is situated.It is surrounded by the blue «necklace” of lakes.On the way to Braslav you will visit the former settlement of Mosar with St.Anna*s Catholic church and the park with exotic plants,flowers,lakes and sculptures.
7. «Ancient Town of Novogrudock»
It is a tour to the first capital of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania where you can see the ruines of the medieva castle.The tour also includes an excurtsion round a visit to the museum of Local Lore,History and Economy and to Adam Mitskevich museum. / 10 hours /.
8. «The Tour to the Towns of Novogrudock and Mir»
During the excursion the tourists will get aquainted with the sights of Novogrudock and Mir castle ( see tours # 5, 7 )
9. «The Tour to the Towns of Novogrudock and Berezovka»
It is a sightseeing tour of the Novogrudock ( see tour #5 ).Besides the tourists will visit the famous Neman glass-making plant in the town of Berezovka..Here they can see how glass is made in the sections of the plant,get acquainted with the layout of Glass Museum of the plant and get souvenirs at the plant souvenir shop ( on weekdays only ).
10. «The Tour to the Towns of Lida and Berezovka»
It is a sightseeing tour of the ancient town of Lida..You can not see very many historical monuments here but Lida castle is worth visiting as its history is an integral part of Belarussian history.You will also see other sights of Lida.Then tourists go to the town of Berezovka to visit it is famous Neman Glass-making plant.( see tour #9 ). / 12 hours /.
11. «The tour to the towns of Lida Berezovka and Ivye»
As for the tours to Lida and Berezovka see tours # 10, 9 .
In the town of Ivye you can see the interesting historical centre of the town, the Cathedral,the Tatar Mosque. / 15 hours /.
12. «My Lovable Native Land Lithuania» /down the paths of Adam Mitskevich /
It is an excursion round the places connected with life and creative work of Adam Mitskevich: farm Zavossje where the famous poet was born: Tuganovichesky Park with the summer- house of lime-trees, legendary lake Svitjaz,Mitskevich Museumin in Novogrudock /in summer time only/./ 12 hours /
13. «History and Architecture of the city of Grodno /Маlomozhaikovo»
The tour to the ancient Belarussian city which appeared about 10000 years ago.Grodno occupies the first place in Belarus in the number of architectural monuments.Apart from the sightseeing tour you will visit Historical and Archaeological Museum and the Zoo.
5 km away from Grodno in the town of Malomozhaykovo the tourists will look over the Malomozhaykovo Church which was built in Gothik style in the 15 th century. / 15 hours /

«Ancient town of Polotsk /to the homeland of Fransisk Skoryna».
The road 220 km long leads to the north of Belarus,to the land of lakes and rivers.There upon the confluence of the rivers.Polota and Western Dvina thhe most ancient town in Belarus,the town of Polotsk stands.During a day tour you will be able to get acquainted with the most ancient stone- made architectural monuments of Polotsk- St.Sophia cathedral,the Spass- Efrosinya Church., the city*s museums,streets and squares.
You will also visit the Spass- Efrosinya convent which was founded by Venerable Efrosinya Polotskaya and where the relies of Efrosinya and the restored Cross of Efrosinya Polotskaya made by a famous jeweller Lasar Bogsha in 1161 are kept. / 14 hours /.

15. «Khrev-Boruny-Golshany-Vishnevo-Volozhyn»
It is a tour round the towns and small towns with medieval castles,classical palaces ,spiritual sacred objects.There are the places where once peoples fated were being decided, but now they have become the depths of the country,situated far away from big cities and main lines.
The tour goes through the territory of two administrative regions: Minsk region and Grodno region and provides for the visitings of historical and architectural monuments.The tourists will be shown the palaces in Volozhyn,the Roman Catholic church in Vishnevo, the monastery in Boruny with a miracle- working icon of Our Lady of Boruny,the castles in Khrev and Golshany- samples of unique medieval architecture for which you can hardly find any match.
/10-12 hours/
16. «Rakhov – Ivenets - Nalibokskaya Pushcha / Dense Virgin Forest»
This tour to the town of Rakhov and Ivenets ( Minsk Administrative region ) will acquaint you with the traditions of pollery – making trade as these small towns used to be the centres of it in different times.In Ivenets the tourists will also get acquainted with its history, architectural monuments and the layout of the local Lore.History and Economy Museum.
Nature occupies some special place in the tour as the route runs close to the precions Nalibokskaya Pushcha..
17. «Slonim - Zhirovichi - Synkhovichi»
This excursion can be compareds with pilgrimage to our spiritual sacred places.A small town of Zhirovichi has become one of such Chosen corners of Belarussian land from 1470.Here in Saint Dormition Orthodox Cathedral of the monastery there is a miracle – working icon.Together with a seminarist you will visit the place of miracle appearance of the icon,the class- rooms of the theological college,will show to the miracle- working icon,will get some water from the holy spring.
In the village of Synkhovichi you will be shown the famous church- fortress which has been standing on the hill not far from the village for already 5 centuries.Created by medieval architects in Gothic period it brings fame to the tatent and skill of our ancestors.You will get acquainted will the stone chronicles of the town of Slonim during your pedestrian tour. / 12 hours /
18. «Berezynsky Nature Reserve»
The nature reserve is situated on the way to Polotsk ( 120 km ).Tourists will admire the magical beauty of the nature corner with the most typical features of Belarussian Lake District.They will be shown some speciec of the vegetable and animal kingdoms,will be told a story about how some endangered species are protected, will look over the enclosures with some animals and will visit the museum of the Nature reserve. / 7 hours/.
19. «The Tour to the City of Brest»
It is one of the most ancient Belarussian cities with rich history,It is here where the Brest Church Union was concluded.It is the city which was sacrificed while the fortress was constructed in 1836.The tour provides for the visits of the museums,Berestye, Saved valuables./ 16 hours /.
20.  «Belovezhskaya Pushcha»( Dense Virgin Forest )
During a day tour to Belovezhskaya Pushcha the tourists will get acquainted with the lay out of Nature Museum and with the denizens of enclosures,will visit some precious corners of virgin forest.In the town of Khamenets the tourists will look over the medieval Defensive Tower of the 13 th century – the unique one in Belarus remained up to now. / 16 hours /

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