г. Минск, ул. Якуба Коласа, д. 10, офис 3  (ст. метро "Площадь Я. Коласа")
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Minsk region

     The Minsk region is placed in the centre of Belarus and included 22 areas. The centre of the region is Minsk - the capital of Belarus. The relief of the territory is various: hills alternate with plains and lowlands, 36 % of the territories are occupied with woods, 14 % - with bogs. Natural places of interest of the Minsk region are the largest lake of republic - Naroch, conquering the beauty and the reserve "Blue lakes". There is the "Nalibochskaya forest reserve" - one of the most ancient dense forests of Belarus, and in northeast-basic part is the "Berezinski Forest Reserve", where preservation of typical and unique natural-landscape complexes is carried out.

     Today Minsk is a modern compact European city, with rather quite good ecological conditions. Here were saved nooks of the old city - the Troitsk suburb, the Top city, the orthodox and catholic churches. In territory of the region is ancient Zaslavl with the state history-cultural reserve, Nesvizh with well-known Nesvizh castle, the Catholic church with a tomb of princes Radzivill's, the building of the printer's and the Symon Budny monument, and other places of interest. Borisov acquaints with events 1812 - through the river Berezina passed a well-known ferry of the Napoleon's army. The ethnographic complex "Dudutki" is drawn for tourists. The Minsk region is the native land of the national literature founders Yanka Koupala (Koupala's memorial reserve "Vyazynca"), Yakub Kolus, Maxim Bagdanovich.