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We invite you to visit capital of republic Belarus – Minsk!

More than 900 years ago on the banks of the Nemiga and Svisloch rivers came into existence the city of Minsk or Mensk as it used to be called before.

The name of the city is associated with the river Menka that flowed into lake Ptych not far from the city. But the legends say that the city derives its name from the word «mena» as in the ancient times there was a barter in the newly – founded settlement on the right bank of the Svisloch.

Modern Minsk is a large industrial and cultural center. Its population is about 2 million.

     Minsk is also known as a city of science and students. There is the Academy of Sciences,14 higher educational establishments, 10 museums, 10 exhibition halls where the exhibits show the history of Belarusian people, the treasures of art and culture, describe lives and activity of prominent people.
Cinemas. There are 23 cinemas in Minsk. The largest and the most beautiful are «Moskow» and «October». «Pioner» cinema is at the disposal of young people. In cinemas besides film performances often exhibitions and discos take place.
Theatres,circus,philharmonic. In Minsk there are 10 theatres, state circus and philharmonic. From the very existence of the Republic the Yanka Kupala State Academic Theatre was founded. The other famous Belarusian theatres are the State Opera and Ballet Theatre, the State Gorky Russian Drama Theatre.
Parks, public gardens, botanical garden. Speaking about the cosines, hospitality and culture of the city one takes into account the number of parks, public gardens and avenues. Minsk has 12 parks, 18 avenues,126 public gardens and botanical garden.
Tcheliuskintsy Park. Founded in May, 1932 it covers a large territory of 78 hectares. It is a central park of the city.
Gorky Park.The oldest park in Minsk. Founded in 1805 ( former Governor Park ) it covers the territory of 28 hectares. Covered skating-ring, attractions, planetarium, M.Gorky monument are situated here.
Victory Park. Founded in 1945 it covers the territory of 100 hectares. At the center of the park there is «Komsomolskoye» lake ( 40 hectares ).
Y.Kupala Park. Founded in 1962 it covers the territory of 10 hectares. Sculptural fountain «Venok» ,Y.Kupala monument and literary museum are situated here.
Central public garden. It was founded in 1872 at the place of former Aleksandr garden. In 1971 it was reconstructed. The main sight of it is the fountain «A boy and a swan».
Central botanical garden. Founded in 1872 it covers the territory of 92.8 hectares. Botanical garden is a special museum of natural plants from different parts of the world. The citizens of Minsk and guests of the capital consider it the most enjoyable place to rest.

Our city is always meets you with a smile, hearty hospitality, care and attention!