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Ecological tourism to Belarus

     The best way to estimate wood resources of Belarus is to have a look at them from an airplane window – from the height it becomes quite obvious that more than the third of its territory seems to be covered with a green blanket. Here there have been preserved the major forest areas in Europe, a real fortune, which is adequately called here «the green gold».To a great extent Belarus is «the lungs of Europe».However, in addition to their utilitarian value Belarusian woods are also a cultural wealth due to their unique and, in some places, untouched beauty. The best way to enjoy it is to visit forest reserves in Belarus. The most famous National park is «Belovezha forest preserve», where the preserve- like regimen was introduced…as early as in the beginning of the XX century! As a result, in this woodland there have been preserved oaks aged 300 to 700 years, 450 – year-old ash-trees and 220-year – old pine-trees. Here you can see meadows, woods and rivers in a state that could remain only without man*s interference – powerful, crystal clear and wonderful. And, certainly, you will get unforgettable impressions while meeting a zubr ( Belarusian bison ) - an animal that became the symbol of Belarus.

     From ancient times Belarus is called «Lakeland» and it's quite justified : there are 11,000 lakes and 20,000 rivers and brooks in the country. Blue, deep blue and almost black mirrors of lakes are either hidden in forest thickets or glimmer joyfully among meadows…Lakes are the eyes of Belarus, therefore it is called blue- eyed. The most precious jewel in the nature crown of Belarus is the National park «Braslav lakes». Local places are often compared with Switzerland or Finland, however, they are really absolutely unique. The amazing charm of this land is created due to constant in its landscape: lakes, hills, woods and again lakes with the total are of 183 sq. km though their exact number has not been counted up to mow. The name Naroch is well- known not to every Belarusian but also far beyond the boundaries of the country – the unique beauty of this place and its soft climate made the Naroch region a most favored of all the Belarusian holiday resorts. Due to that fact the National park «Narochansky» was set up here in 1999.